Build a Pantry Shelving Recessed


Decide the number of pantry shelving. You need to space them at least 18 inches (46 cm), but many like to extend the area to 24 inches (61 cm) to reach items and store larger items. Use a pencil to make small marks on one wall to indicate where to place the shelves . Measured along, wall to wall at each pencil mark and record the measurements. While all the shelves will have more or less the same size, closets and pantries may have irregular walls (eg the top of the pantry or cupboard may be slightly narrower than the bottom).

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Measuring timber to be used for the pantry shelving. Cut it to length for each shelf and put it aside. Install a bracket on each pencil mark on the wall. Then, measured across to the other wall with your laser level and make another mark with a pencil on the opposite wall. Install other media on each pencil mark on the other wall.

Place a table on each of the brackets and place your level on each shelf to make sure they are level. Replace the tables and shelves and places in the pantry shelving .