Cantilever Umbrella Story

Cantilever umbrella is a tool for gorecerse rain. They are formed by the convex surface of the plastic or other similar material, which is subject to the folded frame rods arranged around a central axis on the handle which is suitable to carry with one hand. Rod allows when it rains or otherwise protected as possible close to walking with more comfort. Closed umbrella can serve as a stick, although there is a version of “pocket” which has a rod that bends the two locations.

Umbrella icon replica installed yesterday at the Temple. With cantilever umbrella is very sturdy. Fourteen days after the demolition of historic tent, which only took a basic, workers put on a new figure in the new roundabout Bridge Burgo. The rebuilding of the bridge will end in November, announced Infrastructure Board Member, Ethel Vazquez.

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There will be a second chance for a statue of a cantilever umbrella with very strong. So at least the experts suggest that doing a report on the state of this statue, expressed in the eighties both ethnographic interest, but which is currently in developed countries there is a danger of damage and even that collapse at any time. Given this situation, and given that the works to remodel the environment and collect Burgo long delays, the local government is studying the possibility to roll back ethnography protection system that has been fully approved and ratified by Heritage.