Fixing Trouble of Drafting Table Alvin PXB

Clear a table large enough to accommodate the drafting table. Place a clean towel down on the table. Use a slightly larger board that towel. Aligns the necessary tools with the towel. Turn the drawing board to expose your rear. All motion mechanisms are mounted PBX at the rear of the table. Place the drawing board in the towel with the back of the table up.

Examine the drafting table. Adjust the pulley brackets. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws that hold each pulley in place. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten. The drawing board has four primary PBX pulleys. Sets the remaining loose pulleys.

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Clean pulleys and cables thereof.  Lubricate the grooves of the pulleys and guide wires. Spray the tip of a cotton swab until it is saturated with lubricant. Rub the swab along the kerf on each pulley. Apply lubricant to the cable pulley with a cotton swab saturated with lubricant. Pinching the parallel bar. Turn the drawing board to its front is facing up. On the left and right sides are parallel bar brake knurled knobs used to control the tension 4 of the bar. Turn the knobs clockwise to tighten drafting table.