Folding Table Decorating

A folding table is a piece of furniture that is often used to help establish additional guests can come and eat, once your regular table seats are occupied. A folding table can also be used for things that should not be kept outside all the time, as the areas of crafts. Many of the folding tables are in stores, however, are not very attractive, and are very strong. Therefore, if you need a folding table for your home, but would like a more attractive and robust version, why not make your own legs folding table and join a table of wood? Prepare the table and wooden legs, which needed: sanding, paint or stain. The supports are brass plated steel, so you have to choose a dye or paint in a color chord.

Determine where you want to mount the legs of the folding table. Measure and mark on the bottom of the table where will the outer corner of each leg, making sure they are all in the same location relative to their respective corners. Fixed brackets for table legs so that when the stand is opened, the part that attaches to the back of the board is flush with the top of the leg.

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