How to Make Wooden Playhouse

Make a wooden playhouse seems an overwhelming project for beginner carpenters. Learn how to arrange the pieces to make a playhouse requires some knowledge, but some tips and guides can make this process a very simple project. With the basic tools and materials for woodworking, building a playhouse for your children at home is very easy.


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  1. Cut a door of one of the plywood boards. Use the tape measure and a pencil to draw a rectangle down the center of the table. Make a rectangle 2 feet (60.96 cm) wide and 3 feet (91.44 cm) high. Cut the door with the saw.
  2. Soften the edges and surfaces of all five panels of wooden plywood. Use sandpaper to remove any rough and make sure you have a rounded corner edges points. This will help avoid splinters.
  3. Holds five boards nailed wooden plywood to make an open box. Use four of the tables to the four walls of the playhouse, making sure that the table is at the front door. Hold the fifth table top of the box to make the roof.
  4. Paint the walls and roof of the playhouse in bright colors such as yellow or green. Let it dry completely before allowing your children to play in it.