Stair Treads Designs for Home

Today, with the shrinking of cities space, houses extend vertically rather than horizontally. It is for this reason that the steps taken an important role in home decoration. The design of the stair treads depends on several factors such as available space and height. The strength of the wood contrasts with the lightness of glass. The white color of the wall and the transparency of glass create the illusion of a space larger. This ladder model will look good in a small hallway. Place a cute plant under the stair and gets your house look bigger than it really is.

This staircase seems to be the way to heaven. Their steps and light flown at the bottom create a visual scenario that seems arisen a magic film. If you like this design to make sure you install a professional to structure the ladder meets all safety standards. If the stair treads of your house is already installed and you cannot do much to change it, give it a modern look by installing this rail. With this design you have protection and style at a time. The material and color highlight the beauty of the wood creating a modern and fun image for your home.

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